About the Foundation

The Foundation was initiated by Adriana Bus and Marinus van IJzendoorn in the course of their repeated visits to the University of Zambia at Lusaka (UNZA). Invited by the vice-chancellor of UNZA, at that time professor Robert Serpell, they were informed of the lack of sufficient opportunities for graduate education in child development, education, and family studies.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by members of the university board of both UNZA and Leiden University to cooperate in various ways. The LNF was founded to provide for financial support of prospective African students and faculty who would want to pursue advanced studies in child development and education.

The rules and regulations of the LNF forbid the use of any grant money for financing Leiden University scientists’ travels or any other activities in the context of the LNF programme.

The main goal of the LNF is to support (future) scientists of whom it can be expected that they will contribute to the further development in the fields of child and family studies, pedagogics, education and developmental psychology in their own country after finishing their education and training in and/or through Leiden.

The LNF exists at the behest of the Institute of Education and Family Studies of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. This Institute and Faculty offer graduate courses as part of a MA, MSc or PhD degree preferably to be obtained at an African university. Some of the Leiden faculty contributions to the program are supported by the SPINOZA Prize of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

Elsewhere a list of past and current recipients of LNF grants is presented.

Marinus van IJzendoorn
Chair Lolle Nauta Foundation
Leiden, January 2008