The board of the LNF consists of the following members:

Prof. dr. Marinus van IJzendoorn, Chairvanijzendoorn02.jpg

Marinus H. van IJzendoorn holds the chair for Child and Family Studies at the Intstitute of Education and Child Studies of Leiden University. His research interests are: attachment across the life-span and in various clinical and non-clinical groups, cross-cultural dimensions of socio-emotional development, the neurobiology of parenting, and child care in group settings. He also conducts meta-analyses in these areas, and is involved in the development and evaluation of intervention methods to enhance quality of care in families and in institutional care settings.

Some publications:

Dr. Harriet Vermeerfoto-harriet.jpg

Harriet Vermeer is Associate professor at the Centre for Child and Family Studies at Leiden University, and also Chair of the same centre. She is program leader of the research program Day Care, integrating research areas from the field of attachment theory, psychophysiology, and environmental psychology. Her research focuses mainly on care that is provided by ‘others than mothers’,i.e. professional day care, adoption, foster care, and father care. Among other things, she has studied the impact of day care quality and different types of child care environments (e.g., center-based child care, home-based child care) on children’s development, and performed intervention studies using RCTs to improve these environments.

Some publications:

Gea Kortman and Esther Peelen

Secretary Lolle Nauta Foundation


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