Joke Scholtens Stipendium

Joke Scholtens Stipendium.

In 2011 Lolle Nauta Foundation received a legacy from Mrs. Joke Scholtens (1947-2010). Joke Scholtens was head of the secretarial office of the Centre for Child and Family Studies, Leiden University, from 1997-2007. She was instrumental in organizing and supporting the Lolle Nauta Foundation from its very beginning. She served as a safe haven and indispensable source of information for African students attending courses at the Centre for Child and Family Studies. The Joke Scholtens Stipendium covers research expenses of Lolle Nauta Foundation PhD students for data-collection in Africa. The board of the Lolle Nauta Foundation is entiteled to award the Joke Scholtens Stipendium in accordance with the general LNF guidelines.

The Joke Scholten Stipendium enabled these students to finish their PhD.
РHaatembo Francis
– Francis Sichimba
– Sylvia Mwanza-Kabaghe
–¬†Ebby Mubanga
– Geoffrey Kazemba Tambulukani