Lolle NautaThe Lolle Nauta Foundation (LNF) formally started in 2004 to stimulate the study of education, developmental psychology, and child and family studies at African universities. It is named after the Dutch philosopher Lolle Nauta who was a philosophy professor at the University of Zambia at Lusaka from 1979-1982.

After retirement of the founders of the LNF at the University of Leiden, professors Adriana Bus and Marinus van IJzendoorn decided to continue working with African faculty and students. However, as Emeriti Professors it was impossible to integrate this work into research and teaching at the University of Leiden.

After its restart in 2021 the Lolle Nauta Foundation now has become a part of the charitable activities within the Beagle Advice, Research and Development company (see www.marinusvanijzendoorn.nl), an independent research and teaching unit. LNF remains a charity for supporting African faculty and students in developmental and educational sciences.


About Lolle Nauta