Visits to Europe: some impressions

In April 2015 Haatembo Mooya and Francis Sichimba of UNZA attended a workshop at NIAS.

Haatembo: “The workshop at NIAS was very insightful and enriching. It allowed me the opportunity to meet and network with other scholars across disciplines that are working with similar data but from a different perspective, a perspective of scholarly material I was not aware my data could yield. It also gave me the opportunity to learn about new methods, approaches and trends in working with video. I am looking forward to future collaborations to see what new findings my data can yield”.

 Haatembo and Francis during their stay at NIAS in Wassenaar

Francis: “When I started my PhD program, I did not know what to expect. The video data collected during the course of my studies opened up doors to attend NIAS workshop. Being part of the NIAS workshop was a thoroughly engaging as well as eye opener experience for me as a young scholar. The workshop itself was most stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding. Considering the workshop draw experts from different parts of the world, the cross-cultural environment made me realize that there is as much to learn from others’ experiences as there is from one’s own. This experience has definitely opened new doors of understanding and collaborative research. The experience has also led to some level of introspection how I understand knowledge as an individual and how that translates to the way  in which I do my own research work in future. I would like to take this opportunity to express my graditude to the Dutch people through the Lolle Nauta Foundation, in particular the Joke Scholtens Award for the sponsorship to attend NIAS workshop. The workshop provided a valuable opportunity to interact with seasoned experts in video data”.


Impression of a PhD defense: Dr. Catherine Mbagaya (December 2010)


Within the framework of their study, Haatembo Mooya, Given Hapunda and Tamara Chansa from Zambia visited Leiden in 2007 and successfully attended several courses at the Institute of Education and Family Studies.

Haatembo, Tamara and Given

Haatembo, Tamara and Given in front of the Faculty of Social
and Behavioral Sciences, Leiden, The Netherlands


In 2008 Catherine Mbagaya from Kenya and Beatrice Matafwali from Zambia visited the Institute of Education and Child Studies to gain more in-depth knowledge on the topics of their PhD research and to study various statistical methods.

Beatrice and Catherine

Beatrice and Catherine at the entrance of the Pieter de la Court building where the Institute of Education and Child Studies is housed.